Gold Coast Water & Waste


Principal Contractor


$4-6m annually



Our Design and Construct of Pressure Mains Program here on the Gold Coast has been a staple for NTS Group for 10+ years. This contract has involved the installation of new and the replacement of existing water and sewer rising mains throughout the Gold Coast of sizes from DN63 up to DN500. The projects inside this contract have been delivered within budget and consistently met deadlines to ensure the reliability of the Gold Coast Water and Waste Network.


  • Service Investigations (in-house)

  • Comprehensive Detailed Survey (in-house) & RPEQ design

  • Open Cut Trenching & Pipe Installations in verge, road pavement and footpath

  • Bridge Crossings

  • Horizontal Directional Drill and Tunnel/Auger Boring

  • Pressure Reducing Valve, Gas Release Valve & Scour Valve Installation

  • Restoration of Road, Turf & Concrete Footpaths/Driveways