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Privately owned and established on the Gold Coast in 2005, NTS Group’s core values of Teamwork, Readiness and Innovation have allowed the company to become one of the leading self-perform infrastructure maintenance & renewal contractors within South East Queensland. NTS Group is a well-established company and are able to offer a full turnkey, value for money solution to the water & wastewater industry. Through experienced management & project teams, our clients are provided with extensive knowledge for safe, efficient & on-time project delivery which results in unrivalled value for money.

The NTS Difference

The key to delivering The NTS difference is our innovative approach to harness a number of in-house support services & to provide our clients with a complete service. We have extended the business to bring in specialist Certified Surveyors, Traffic Management Designers, Fabricators, Mechanics, NATA Accredited Testing Technicians, DBYD Accredited Service Locators, Large Diameter Hot Tapping/ Live Valve Insertion Technicians & Directional Drilling/ Boring Operators to support the core functions of our infrastructure works. Our ability to self-perform such a large scope of services is the difference. It allows our clients to deal directly with the project team which results in streamlined communication channels enhancing efficiency throughout all facets of our works. These capabilities, coupled with our wide-ranging specialist fleet of NTS owned plant & equipment, is how we continue to provide value for money for our clients.

From a corporate standpoint, the implementation of our IMS which is certified in line with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 maintains structure throughout all projects across the business. The certified IMS allows the NTS project teams to effectively manage the quality, safety and environmental variables of individual projects resulting in their delivery on time and within budget. Internally and externally audited on a regular basis, NTS Group have been able to achieve multiple years of zero non-conformances. NTS prides itself on promoting a culture of safety first, by undertaking comprehensive training and providing safe systems of work to ensure all risks are mitigated. NTS Group is focused on continuing the impressive performance record through the continual monitoring of quality, safety and environmental processes in conjunction with the implementation of new initiatives and training to keep our teams at the forefront.

Our team is the difference.